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“I was always tired and never craved sex except for just before my period when my hormones were out of whack.  Since I have started using Avlimil I feel as though I have more energy and drive.  I definitely feel more like my self and my natural desire for sex has returned with strength.  Thank You!”
S. Spartan

“Provestra has restored my sex drive and my sex life.  THANK YOU!”
Evelyn Turner


Monique Gardier writes:

"My husband and I really enjoy foreplay, in fact it's the only way I can have an orgasm.  We wanted to spice things up and since finding Vigorelle we use it every time when we are 'having fun'.  Your product has helped to intensify every touch and sensation.  It's for sure spiced up our sex life!"

LibidoUnlimited The Elusive Female Orgasm LibidoUnlimited

There are multiple reasons why women struggle to experience a real orgasm.  There are many reasons why women like you and I find it hard to find the energy and motivation for sex.

Too many women have never even had the pleasure of experiencing a real orgasm because they suffer from one of the common sexual dysfunctions that afflict hundreds of women. 

Female sexual dysfunctions can include hormone imbalance, female infertility, vaginal dryness, pain during sex and a general lack of desire for sex brought on by certain medications.

Why is the female orgasm so hard to achieve for many women?  What are the physical reasons that might help explain why some women may struggle to experience the infamous "big o" no matter how hard they try?


Men Versus Women

The first and foremost reason why so many women struggle to experience the elusive female orgasm is because of some dominant factor involving the health and well being of their body.  Although female sexual dysfunction is not a widely discussed topic and by headline news it would appear that more men are suffering from sexual dysfunction than women this is not the case.


Fact: At least 2 out of every 5 women will experience some form of female sexual dysfunction throughout their sexually active life cycle.


The biggest problem with that above statistic is that it is only reveals part of the picture.  How many women out there have not discussed their sexual frustrations with their doctor or closest of friends?  Too many.  That's why the internet has quickly become the "go to" place in solving health problems (at least as the first intermediary step).


So What Exactly Is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual dysfunction is defined as the inability or difficulty an individual may experience, physically and emotionally. 


Sexual dysfunction often involves any of the following areas:  the lack of desire for sex or intimacy, the personal and physical struggle with any form of sexual or intimate activity including the inability to become sexually aroused and maintain arousal, difficulty in reaching or completing orgasm, sexual anxiety and the lack of pleasure from sexual activity (may or may not include pain during sex).


Well that pretty much sums up everything under the sun.... but seriously there are too many women and couples out there who know too well the degree of problems that are created by these sexual dysfunctions.  For many families the heartbreak and tension of these very personal issues have been too much, and many marriages and relationships have ended when hope and support was just a click away.


Medications, Disease and Surgery

Medications and disease are often culprits in women's struggle with being satisfied with their sex life and libido.  For many women battling cancer and undergoing cancer treatment the drugs and medication can significantly interfere with the natural cycle of a women's body.  Surgery including hysterectomy and mastectomy can wreck havoc on a women's body, confidence and self image.


The Natural Cycle

The onset of menopause is one of the biggest reported stages where a women really notices a difference in her energy level, moods, and sex drive.  This is of course one of the moments when a women's body is going through some major changes and the body's hormone levels are fluctuating like crazy. 


Hormone fluctuation is a major key player in the health and well being of the body and how it functions.  Fluctuating hormones and an unbalanced system can create many problems for both men and women, that's why regulating hormone levels and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is so important for optimum functioning.


The Personalized Solution

If you find that you are struggling with any form of female sexual dysfunction you first need to understand what may be causing your symptoms.  Next you need to address the needs of your body and well being.  Ensure your body is being provided with the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals necessary for a optimum sexual health system. 


Discuss your concerns with your doctor, your loved one or a friend.  Keep an open mind and ask for support and cooperation and explain what your goals are in solving this problem.  In many cases your loved one is just as concerned for your health and well being and would like to support you in your efforts to regain your sex drive and desire for intimate activity.


Research your treatment options and find a solution that fits your needs.  For many women their objective is to increase their energy levels and bring balance to their lives as naturally as possible. 


If you are looking for an all-natural way to regulate your hormone levels and boost your energy levels consider:

Avlimil - the Female Libido & Energy Supplement.


If all you need is a way to ensure your body is getting all the essential nutrients to rejuvenate your sex drive, then look for a libido supplement that is packed with all-natural ingredients.  Key ingredients that help to jog your sexual health system back to its vital self.

Provestra - an All-Natural Female Libido Supplement.


Maybe you and your partner are just looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, maybe your body requires a little help in the lubrication department. 

Part of the pleasure of sex and foreplay is experiencing each sensation so why not increase each tingling sensation and stimulation with the addition of an effective lubrication that both partners can enjoy. 


If this sounds like something that might interest you then check out our page dedicated to: Female sex creams and lubricants.


Never give up and don't expect immediate results.  As with any change, the results are based on your commitment and your continued efforts to see those actions through to the end. 


In every success there was a story line of failures, challenges and obstacles and when you can take these challenges and use them as motivation, to rework your efforts it is only then that you will reap the benefits and become the stronger women.

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