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“I was always tired and never craved sex except for just before my period when my hormones were out of whack.  Since I have started using Avlimil I feel as though I have more energy and drive.  I definitely feel more like my self and my natural desire for sex has returned with strength.  Thank You!”
S. Spartan

“Provestra has restored my sex drive and my sex life.  THANK YOU!”
Evelyn Turner


Monique Gardier writes:

"My husband and I really enjoy foreplay, in fact it's the only way I can have an orgasm.  We wanted to spice things up and since finding Vigorelle we use it every time when we are 'having fun'.  Your product has helped to intensify every touch and sensation.  It's for sure spiced up our sex life!"

LibidoUnlimited Hormone Therapy - How It Effects The Female Sex Drive LibidoUnlimited

Female Sex Drive Can Be Manipulated Naturally With Hormone Therapy

"I've been told to consider hormone replacement therapy, how will it affect my sex drive?"


Women who have just entered into menopause are experiencing a multitude of symptoms from hot flashes, night sweats, and restless nights as their body undergoes a series of fluctuations.  One of the most common symptoms that women report is a significant decrease in their sex drive and their lack of sexual arousal.


As women age, the body begins to decrease the production of specific hormones and the remaining hormones in the body have a tendency to fluctuate more wildly.  Other symptoms that can indicate the onset of menopause include a loss of memory and cognitive function as well as variations in emotional stability like mood swings and irritability and changes in sleep patterns.


Menopause and HRT

Menopause is a natural part of the life cycle that all women must go through but it doesn't have to control our lives.  Many women have used some form of post-menopause hormone replacement therapy to help regulate their body and get them back on track to feeling "normal."


Over the years there has been an increasing amount of criticism over the use of hormone therapy that is derived solely on estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other steroids.  The focus has turned to a more natural way of boosting energy levels and binging balance to the female sexual health system and hormone system.


Hormone Therapy and Female Sex Drive

In a recent study conduced at the University of Illinois, women who underwent hormone therapy treatment reported an increase in their interest for sex and an increase in their sexual thoughts throughout the study.  By using hormone replacement therapy the women found that there was an natural increase in their sex drive.


Using a natural hormone therapy supplement is an effective way to reduce and even eliminate some of the symptoms of menopause.  Women who often incorporate hormone supplements report an increase in their energy levels, an improvement in their moods and the ability to have a better nights sleep with an overall decrease in the hot flashes and night sweats.


Natural Hormone Therapy Alternatives

If you are considering hormone therapy you should look at your alternative options of incorporating a natural, proprietary supplement and it's desired effects on your body and sexual health system. 


Avlimil is a natural supplement that does not include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or any other steroid that may be harmful to your body. 

Avlimil is specifically designed to correct imbalances in the female body that may be attributed to the onset of menopause or fluctuations in the body's hormonal system.

Avlimil works with your body to naturally boost energy levels, balance emotions and hormone levels and help increase the female libido naturally.

Women who are looking for an all-natural supplement and hormone replacement therapy will want to purchase Avlimil because it focuses on rejuvenating the female system naturally without using harmful additives.


Yes - Avlimil Is the Product Suited For Me!

I'd like to Learn More about Avlimil and It's Benefits

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