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“I was always tired and never craved sex except for just before my period when my hormones were out of whack.  Since I have started using Avlimil I feel as though I have more energy and drive.  I definitely feel more like my self and my natural desire for sex has returned with strength.  Thank You!”
S. Spartan

“Provestra has restored my sex drive and my sex life.  THANK YOU!”
Evelyn Turner


Monique Gardier writes:

"My husband and I really enjoy foreplay, in fact it's the only way I can have an orgasm.  We wanted to spice things up and since finding Vigorelle we use it every time when we are 'having fun'.  Your product has helped to intensify every touch and sensation.  It's for sure spiced up our sex life!"


Loss Of Sensitivity and Arousal


Loss of Sensitivity and Arousal is a Result of both Physical and Mental Health

Loss of Libido Affects your Sex Life

Let’s face it. We all enjoy sex and when we loss our sexual sensitivity, and the ability to arouse our sexual appetite at will, life becomes more of a struggle. Sex is a creative force that occurs naturally, but we inhibit and block it with different mental and physical issues, which seem to take control of our lives. At certain points in life sex is the stimulator of positive energy, and at other times sex becomes a stranger that wanders from thought to thought, but never settles down and manifests.


You are Not Alone

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report that showed forty three percent of women experience some form of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), and most of them never get treatment. Fear, embarrassment, and ignorance, all play a role in keeping the symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) prevalent in the lives of millions of women. In order to alleviate the loss of sensitivity and arousal reactions, the cause of FSD must be identified, and then treated in some way to increase female sexual enhancement.


Triggers and Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Some women turn to the medical profession for help. Once the cause is addressed doctors will prescribe one or more prescription medications that will help eliminate FSD symptoms.

  • pregnancy,
  • breast feeding and
  • menopause


  • vaginal dryness,
  • pain during intercourse and
  • the inability to reach an orgasm during sex

Stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, mental abuse, and alcohol and drug use, decrease sexual desires, and increase mental instability; those issues can cause chemical deficiencies that linger for years when they are ignored. The loss of sensitivity and arousal, better known as a weak libido, can be corrected with professional help or it can be addressed through self analysis.


Self Analysis and Alternative Treatments

When we take the time to relax, and go back to the time when the symptoms of FSD first manifested, we usually can pinpoint the cause. Once that process is completed a little research is needed, so we can find a non-prescription supplement that can help change hormone secretion.


Lyriana is Formulated to Correct a Loss of Sensitivity and Arousal Issues

The ingredients in Lyriana’s formula are designed to stimulate sexual hormone production. When Lyriana enters the bloodstream the ingredients send chemical messages to the brain, so estrogen and testosterone secretion increases. Lyriana also stimulate other androgens, which are responsible for increasing normal sexual fantasies and desires.


Women who use Lyriana say they can sense a difference in their sex drive almost immediately; Lyriana has a 100% money back guarantee, so symptoms of female sexual dysfunction begin to disappear at different times depending on each woman’s metabolism. Most women say they experience an increase in vaginal lubrication after a few days, and sexual fantasies and desires increase around the same time. Pain during intercourse disappears, and the ability to climax during intercourse returns as well.


For information about female sexual dysfunction, and to read about the ingredients in Lyriana’s formula, visit:






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